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My Illustration Work

December 19, 2010

If you would like to see some of my illustration work, my website is  They are all done in oils but are geared a little bit more towards book illustration/wall murals, commercial use, etc.  My goal is to create some beautiful work that really catches the eye, something you never get tired of looking at!


Still Life

November 29, 2009


oil on gessoed wood panel

This is a bluish juice or milk jar with a daisy, ceramic bowl, and lemon.  It reminds me of morning not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the soft whites, it seems very calm.  Hope you like it!

Lindsey 🙂

Small Still Life Study of Pomegranate

November 22, 2009


oil on gessoed wood panel


Here is a small study of a cut open pomegranate.  This is the first study I’ve ever done of the inside of  one, and it was quite challenging painting the little seed shapes as well as the whitish membrane, which holds the seeds.   I hope you like it,

Lindsey 🙂

Still Life Complete

November 17, 2009


oil on gessoed wood panel

I finally got this one finished, and now it is posted on my still lifes page.  Hope you like it,

Lindsey 🙂

French Press, Flowers, and Coffee

November 16, 2009



oil on gessoed wood panel

Pomegranite, Lemon, and Daisies

November 10, 2009



oil on gessoed wood panel

Small Still Life Study

November 9, 2009



oil on wood